Minecraft: The Wild Update announced at Minecraft Live

Minecraft's big 2022 update will add new mechanics, as well as some that were meant for a previous update.


It's been an eventful Minecraft Live show, but as the end approached, only one piece of business remained. It was time to go into more detail on Minecraft's next major update after the Caves & Cliffs: Part 2, which is taking Minecraft into the wilderness with the Wild Update.

As one might expect from a sizable update such as this, the Wild Update will add a slew of new content to Minecraft. The update will largely center around plant life, a lot of which players can find in Minecraft's latest biome, the Mangrove Swamp. Mangroves will be plentiful in this area, which players can use to climb or harvest for other resources. The swamp itself will feature marshlands, lily pads, fireflies, tadpoles, and much more.

Crafters will want to keep an eye out for mud blocks. While those are abundant in swamp biomes, it's also possible to simply add water to dirt to make your own. Mud can be used on its own, but crafters can also use it to create clay.

The Wild Update will also contain bits and pieces from what would have been the Deep Dark update. This includes a terrifying Deep Dark biome, which hides rare resources, ancient cities, and a lot of danger. The Warden hides within the depths of the Deep Dark and will hunt players down by detecting sound vibrations.

Minecraft: The Wild Update is expected to deploy sometime in 2022. If that feels like a long time out, you'll at least have the Caves & Cliffs Update: Part 2 to tide you over. You can jump over to the Minecraft website to learn more about what's coming and what's been revealed during this eventful Minecraft Live show.

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