Hitman's Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood have finally met in person

The voice actors of the front-facing Hitman duo Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood apparently had a first-time real-life rendezvous.


In IO Interactive’s recent Hitman trilogy, it’s easy to lose track of everything else and focus solely on the quiet intensity of Agent 47. He’s the iconic central figure of the saga, but always backing him on his missions is the impeccably detail-oriented Diana Burnwood. Both Agent 47 and Diana are brought further life by the awesome voice talents of David Bateson and Jane Perry respectively, and though these two have been serving up banter between 47 and Diana for years, apparently they got together in real life for the first time recently.

Jane Perry posted a photo of a rendezvous with David Bateson on her Instagram on October 7, 2021. Bateson has been the voice of Agent 47 since the very first Hitman game, Codename 47. Meanwhile, while Diana has been the handler of 47 throughout his missions since the beginning, Jane Perry took up a fashionable portrayal of the voice with the launch of the Hitman trilogy in 2016. Considering voice roles are often recorded in segmented appearances, apparently, Perry and Bateson had yet to meet in person until just recently.

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Bateson and Perry have had great chemistry in the games of IO Interactive’s latest Hitman trilogy. Their journey through the World of Assassination, world power balance, and subterfuge is one that won the hearts of most fans and some would argue it had quite the peak when, in Hitman 3, Diana and Agent 47 had a rare meeting in the Mendoza mission in which there is an opportunity for them to share a dance. It’s just one of the moments that easily makes Hitman 3 a ringer in our game of the year conversations.

Hitman 3 is the ribbon tied on a very incredible trilogy by IO Interactive, and it was Bateson and Perry’s stellar performances that helped to bring it all together and make so fun. It’s amazing that in 7 years of work, this was the first that the voices behind Agent 47 and the new trilogy’s Diana met, but it’s also great to see this awesome duo come together, if even just one time.

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