Former Twisted Metal lead David Jaffe blasts Sony on rumor of new game

David Jaffe was not shy about saying that Sony 'should have called,' and also that he could damage Sony, but won't.


David Jaffe has been away from Sony and PlayStation for quite some years now. The former lead of Twisted Metal and God of War was pretty instrumental in the formation of some key PlayStation franchises, but he’s moved into YouTubing and livestreaming via his Gabbin’ + Games show. Even so, word has been going around about a possible Twisted Metal and Jaffe’s feathers were more than little ruffled by the matter, claiming Sony nor PlayStation have contacted him at all about the franchise’s revival.

Jaffe vented his frustrations in a lengthy rant on his YouTube channel. According to Jaffe, the fact that PlayStation has not reached out to him at all despite the possibility of working on Twisted Metal projects has been deeply offensive.

“Let’s be clear: Sony owes me nothing, our relationship ended somewhere in late 2018,” he said. “But I will say that, emotionally, it feels sh**ty, if any of this is true, to not have been contacted at all.”

The last time David Jaffe had a hand in a Twisted Metal game was the franchises 2012 entry on the PS3.
The last time David Jaffe had a hand in a Twisted Metal game was the franchises 2012 entry on the PS3.

Even so, Jaffe also expressed the notion that he would play and support the game and was happy Twisted Metal was still kicking around in some fashion. However, this was oddly followed by suggestion that he had materials which could do damage to Sony if he revealed them and that he was simply choosing not to do so.

“I know things. I know where the bodies are buried. Hell, I know who pulled the trigger before they buried the f***ing bodies,” he continued. “I’m not saying I’m going to give shit away that’s going to hurt people, because I don’t want to be a d**k, but… you should’ve called… Let’s say this – and I would never reveal these things – but let’s just say that you’re morons Sony if you think that a lot of your meetings are unrecorded and unshared out in the world, because that’s not the case. But I would never share that.”

David Jaffe’s most previous studio The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency shut down in 2018 following the cancellation of an unannounced project. He hasn’t been working with PlayStation since, though he still follows the company’s content closely even as he’s put his energy towards his YouTube channel. His frustrations go further back to the Twisted Metal TV series in the works, claiming the showrunners have been in more contact with him than Sony. It’s rumored that Destruction All-Stars dev Lucid Games may also be working on a supposed Twisted Metal project, which Jaffe opined isn’t a good fit.

“I enjoyed what I played of Destruction All-Stars,” he shared. “I didn’t absolutely love it, because I didn’t think it was sticky enough… I played about four or five rounds and I was good for a while… I’d like to think they’ll learn from that.”

Either way, it seems David Jaffe is firmly offended at the lack of connection Sony and PlayStation have had with him over the Twisted Metal franchise. Though the game rumors are entirely unconfirmed at this time, the feelings are quite real. It will remain to be seen what comes of any of it, but if Twisted Metal does come back in game form, you can expect to hear about it here at Shacknews.

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