Star Wars: Squadrons is free with Amazon Prime Gaming in October

Journey to a galaxy far, far away for the latest free title from Amazon's Prime Gaming service.


There's a bright future ahead for the Star Wars franchise, in regards to video games. Knights of the Old Republic is about to find new life with a PS5 remake in the years ahead, LEGO Star Wars Battles has deployed on mobile devices, Quantic Dream looks to have a Star Wars game in the works, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is about to celebrate its 10th birthday. Now seems like a good enough time to commemorate the one year anniversary of another major entry in the galactic juggernaut: Star Wars: Squadrons. Amazon would like to help players do just that by offering a free PC copy to all Prime Gaming members.

For the month of October, all Amazon Prime users will be able to claim full copies of Star Wars: Squadrons. These copies will activate on EA's Origin service. On top of that, users will also be able to scoop up Alien: Isolation, Ghostrunner, Song of Horror Complete Edition, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures and Secret Files 3. The DRMs for those games will vary, but as is often the case with Prime freebies, they'll likely be Windows 10 copies. You can claim these games, as well as learn more about them, over on the Prime Gaming website.

In addition to the free games, Prime users can also expect to find new loot for Call of Duty Warzone, Genshin Impact, Rainbow Six Siege, and more. Plus, look for the first Prime Gaming goodies for Amazon's New World, which will be the New World Pirate Pack. Be sure to dress your character as a full-blown pirate with a special pirate emote that you can show off to your friends, assuming you're able to get into the game at all.

We were pretty happy with Star Wars: Squadrons in our original review, which was posted one year ago today. On top of being a fun 5v5 galactic dogfighting multiplayer romp, the game proved to be feature rich with deep combat mechanics. Plus, there's full cross-platform play and VR support.

Star Wars: Squadrons and the rest of the free Prime Gaming titles will be available starting on Friday, October 1. For more information, be sure to visit the Prime Gaming blog.

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