Twitch enables verification options that allow creators to restrict chat

Following up on recent rumors, Twitch has now enabled creators to restrict chat to users with verified phone numbers and/or emails.


One of the more unacceptable things to occur in regards to livestreaming on Twitch has been the absolute flood of racist and homophobic bot programs that have plagued the platform. Twitch’s early response was limited to say the least, pushing creators to voice and demonstrate their displeasure by taking a day off of Twitch and hitting its viewership hard at the start of the month. Now, Twitch taken some action against the issue, its latest being a new measure that should help creators to help limit unwanted bot conversation in chat.

Twitch announced new options for restricted chat for Creators in a Twitter and blog post on September 29, 2021. Following up on previous rumors of user verification options, Twitch has now launched channel-side options that limit Twitch chat to users who have a verified email or phone number on file with their account. This would likely stave off the hundreds of bots that have been such an issue in recent livestreaming history as they are all generally generic variations of a similar name that flood a channel.

This new and prominent action follows a saga of issues on Twitch which caused frustration among the livestreaming community. While it had been an issue for months, Twitch seemed to remain silent on the matter which prompted #ADayOffTwitch in which many streamers went dark for a day. It resulted in Twitch having one of its worst days of viewership in all of 2021.

Since then, Twitch has stepped up its game, moving beyond statements that it was aware of the issue and actually taking action. Two organizers behind the hate bot raids were hit with lawsuits by Twitch for their part in the issue. This latest move is promising one as well. Even so, Twitch claims its work on this matter is not finished and we will likely see more action from the platform as it attempts to aid viewers in securing their streams for their fans and community. Stay tuned as we continue to follow Twitch for further updates and details.

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