The next Valve Index VR headset may not require a PC

A dataminer recently discovered files suggesting that Valve may be working on a standalone Index VR headset that doesn't need a PC to operate.


As we’ve moved forward in VR technology and gaming, the priority has become pretty clear as to what VR users want out of the tech. Graphics and tech quality are important, but getting rid of the clutter to make a VR play area more portable has also become key. The Valve Index is perhaps one of the best quality VR headsets out there, but recent digging suggests that Valve’s next version of it could head in this direction as well. Files have been found that seemingly point to work on a standalone Valve Index codenamed “Deckard.”

These files were recently shared and discussed in a video by YouTuber and dataminer Brad Lynch. According to Lynch, he found a files related to a device called Deckard. Those files contained a folder called VRLink which had a DLL file with “an entire library of stuff related to a Wi-Fi driver or device.” The file contained references to Wi-Fi 5, but also Wi-Fi 6 as well. Most importantly, it seems this device would wirelessly connect to a PC and what’s more, Lynch also apparently discovered a recently added option on a Valve internal menu called Standalone System Layer.

This would not be the first time we’ve heard whispers of Valve’s work on a standalone VR HMD. The company previously filed patents that suggested it was also working on propriety technology for cameras that would allow inside-out tracking on a VR headset. Valve has pretty obviously been building the groundwork for a new headset little by little, but if Lynch’s digging is correct, it continues to add to the case that Valve wants its next Index VR headset to be pretty much standalone. Given the success of Facebook and Oculus’s Quest 2, it makes sense for Valve to pursue this path as many VR fans have leaned deep into the idea of wireless VR since the Quest 2’s launch.

Valve still likely has a ways to go, not to mention putting its attention towards the launch of the Steam Deck this coming holiday. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that the company that brought us the impeccable Half-Life: Alyx may still be putting its weight into the next big thing in VR. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for details, updates, and reveals on any sort of new Steam Index VR headset.

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