MassMutual fined $4.75 million for failing to supervise GME maven Keith 'TheRoaringKitty' Gill

Noted GameStop (GME) investor Keith 'TheRoaringKitty' Gill is back in the news with his former employer MassMutual footing the bill for failing to monitor his and other employees' trades.


The GameStop short squeeze saga continues into September, with many traders focused on technical breakouts on the chart and options expiration tomorrow. The individual at the center of the original meme stock movement has apparently gotten his former employer into hot water as today the Massachusetts securities regulator announced that MassMutual's investment subsidiary has been fined $4.75 million for failure to supervise its agent Keith "TheRoaringKitty" Gill. 

Keith "TheRoaringKitty" Gill, also known as u/DeepFuckingValue on Reddit, has gone silent on social media for the past several months. It's entirely possible that his hiatus from Twitter and Reddit are tied to today's fine of his former employer MassMutual as well as the ongoing SEC investigation into the GME short squeeze of January 2021. As of right now, Gill seems to be avoiding a direct penalty.

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin has determined that MassMutual's MML Investor Services failed to keep track of Keith Gill's investment and trading activities while he was working at the company while promoting his GameStop long thesis in his free time on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. Making matters worse for MassMutual, Galvin found that the company failed to properly supervise other agents social media usage or notice excessive trading on their own accounts. 

As a result of today's actions by the state of Massachusets, MassMutual has agreed to pay a $4 million fine to resolve these allegations and an additional $750,000 fine for failing to register 478 broker-dealer agents. MassMutual also stated that the compnay plans a revamp of their current social media policies for employees.

GameStop (GME) shares have had a wild ride in 2021. This monthly chart highlights the volatile moves of the past year.
GameStop (GME) shares have had a wild ride in 2021. This monthly chart highlights the volatile moves of the past year.

At the time of the January 2021 GME short squeeze, Gill was still working as a registered financial broker for MassMutual in a marketing and financial position. The Massachusetts securities regulator found that the company failed to detect approximately 1700 trades by Gill, who executed at least two trades above the company's $700,000 limit. 

Keith "TheRoaringKitty" Gill first shared his GameStop (GME) investment thesis back in 2019 on subbreddit r/WallStreetBets, and is currently sitting on a position in the company's stock valued at over $50 million up from his original investment of $53,000 and subsequent options moves

TheRoaringKitty is still remaining silent on social media, but many GameStop traders have their eyes on the stock's ticker these days as the short squeeze continues into the final quarter of 2021.

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