Legendary GameStop (GME) investor Keith 'TheRoaringKitty' Gill's Twitter break enters second month

The unofficial mascot of the GME stock saga has remained silent so far this summer.


If you had to wrangle all of the biggest news from the first half of 2021, it would be impossible to skip over the Gamestop (GME) stock saga. What started as a small group of retail investors making a play against well-established hedge funds eventually ballooned into an extended battle. One of the most prominent faces of this ordeal is Keith Gill, known as TheRoaringKitty on Twitter. Once a reliable source of motivation for the retail investor side of the GME saga, Gill has remained silent for more than a month.

Gill’s last official communication to the world came back in June when he posted a video showing an assortment of resting kittens set to some electronic music. Kitty pics and vids are definitely part of Gill’s modus operandi, but the cute train hasn’t pulled back into the station in over thirty days. His last post is embedded below.

Keith Gill ended up becoming the unexpected face of the retail investor meme stock movement that has been at odds with hedge fund managers over GME stock. In Reddit’s WallStreetBets community forum, Gill goes by the username u/DeepFuckingValue. The semi-regular updates of his GME-relevant portfolio have been an inspiration to thousands of amateur investors who see themselves as David to Big Finance’s Goliath.

$50,000 worth of GME shares were acquired by Gill last year. By the end of December, his portfolio value had already skyrocketed to over $3 million. In February, during the most intense of the mainstream media attention on the stock, Gill testified in front of congress.

This is not the first time Gill has enjoyed a lengthy break from posting to social media. He returned to Twitter with a smattering of cat videos at the start of June following a several-week hiatus. As to when exactly TheRoaringKitty will make a big return is anybody’s guess, but if we were gamblers, the safe money would be on more cat videos whenever it does happen.

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