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NBA 2K22 reveals next-gen features for PS5, Xbox Series X, and not PC

NBA 2K22 is getting some new gameplay features, some of which will come exclusively to the next-generation of gaming. (Not you, PC, you sit down.)


The NBA season is right around the corner and that means it's almost time for 2K's annual basketball franchise to hit the court. Earlier this week, 2K unveiled a new gameplay trailer for NBA 2K22 showing off some new features that will be exclusive to the next generation of consoles.

NBA 2K22 is touting a brand new defensive AI, which revamps the shot contest and blocking systems as players currently know them. On the offensive end, players will find a new shot meter that dynamically expands when taking high-quality shots with good shooters. That meter will shrink significantly with lower-quality shooters, defensive pressure, and fatigue. If you're looking for more style points, you can utilize the new Dunk Style Creator to show off your dunking prowess.

While those features look to be available for every platform, players are also going to find some features exclusive to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. This not only includes enhanced visuals, but also Takeover Perks, which can be unlocked to enhance existing Takeover abilities. More information on Takeover Perks is being promised at a later date.

Unfortunately, there looks to be one minor detail lost in Monday's reveal. Next-gen exclusive features are still being locked to the next-gen console versions, so if you have a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you're all set. "Wait a minute!" I hear the average r/PCMasterRace poster exclaim. "I have the new GeForce RTX 3080! Surely I can access the next-gen features too, right?" The answer to that is a resounding "No," because... shrug emoji.

NBA 2K22 is almost here. It will release on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Friday, September 10. If you want to learn more about the new gameplay features, you can jump over to the NBA 2K website.

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