Pokemon Unite gets Blastoise at the start of September

One of the biggest and best of the first generation of Pokemon is set to play in Unite when September kicks off.


With Pokemon Unite having access to the entire Pokemon library for use in its ongoing roster, it’s always interesting to see what the dev team picks for the roster. For the start of September, it would seem they’ve chosen Blastoise. One of the starter Pokemon of the first generation of games and one of the most beloved Pokemon around, Blastoise was planned for the Pokemon Unite roster quite a ways back, but we’ll finally be able to play the tanky turtle soon.

Blastoise’s Pokemon Unite debut was announced via the game’s official Twitter on August 25, 2021. Starting on September 1, 2021, Pokemon Unite players will be able to take on the roll of the mighty Blastoise in matches. Considering the on-the-fly evolution aspect of Pokemon Unite, that also means its previous evolution forms - Squirtle and Wartortle - are also coming to the game, the former of which will be your starting form in a match. Blastoise in all of its forms will be a Defender, appropriately built to tank and displace opposition with its tanky frame and water jets.

We’ve actually known about Blastoise for some time. It was revealed in pre-launch teases for the roster alongside Gardevoir. Gardevoir found its way to the Pokemon Unite roster in late July. Meanwhile, Blastoise is coming in alongside a number of cool pokemon that have been announced for Unite’s roster recently. The last Pokemon Presents featured Pokemon Unite right at the beginning, and it was there that we learned Mamoswine and Eevee’s fairy evolution, Sylveon, will also be coming to the game eventually.

With Blastoise arriving on September 1, it joins Pikachu, Venusaur, and Charizard in rounding out the original starters of the franchise. The game is also set to go mobile in September and pre-registration is open. Stay tuned for more announcements and news on Pokemon Unite, right here at Shacknews.

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