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Phantom Abyss: Overturned Update adds 28 rooms and stability fixes

Phantom Abyss' first major update is here and on top of adding new content, it aims to fix a few lingering issues.


Publisher Devolver Digital has been having a lot of fun taking on different twists to the battle royale genre. A year after getting wholesome with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the team is now pushing Team WIBY's Indiana Jones-style multiplayer survival fest, Phantom Abyss. While the game has been a hit so far, it is still in Steam Early Access and some expected snags have arisen. The new Overturned Update is set to rectify some of those issues, as well as add some new content.

The Overturned Update will look to fix some of Phantom Abyss' lingering issues. That includes addressing network connection troubles and patching in back-end stability fixes. Given that the game's very premise is about taking one single shot at a procedurally-generated temple, getting dropped from the game due to network issues can be aggravating. This will hopefully be a less frequent problem going forward.

Beyond the various fixes, the Phantom Abyss: Overturned Update will also feature 28 new rooms, many filled with deadly new traps. Plus, the user interface has been clarified in order to make walking to your imminent death a little easier.

Here's the full changelog from the Phantom Abyss website:

What's new

  • Adventurers can now explore 28 new rooms, including 7 new corridors and 21 new main rooms.
  • Turn your adventure upside down in brand new treacherous rotating rooms scattered throughout perilous Ruins, precarious Caverns, and petrifying Inferno.
  • Your Basic Whip received a Blessing, allowing you to keep the trusty tool by your side at the expense of others. Fear not, it will never be lost.
  • Brand new connection retry prompts will now come up if your network connection fails, so you can restore it and retry without losing your (surely) impeccable run.
  • Small trap doors now have a visual variation to show whether they are going to trigger on a timer or by proximity.
  • You can now use your user sharing IDs in the portal menu. This will allow you to retrieve all active dungeons from your friends, so you can enjoy them without having to use individual codes.
  • The Portal UI has been re-worked to be clearer and easier to use.

What's fixed

  • Various back-end stability fixes
  • Caverns and Inferno had their post-processing updated. They look so good now!
  • Foliage for all packs was improved and occurs more frequently.
  • Orb-key doors and relic room door symbols look so much better now it's not even funny.
  • You know that issue where the dead-end doors would have remained in the Ruins skin in Caverns or Inferno? Well, they don't anymore. Instead, they look like big skull murals. You can't miss them.

The Phantom Abyss: Overturned Update went up in the early Monday morning hours and is live right now. It's still in Steam Early Access, but those looking to get in on this phenomenon before 1.0 can pick it up this week for 25 percent off of its normal price.

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