Super Nintendo World ride suspended as stack of Goombas break loose

A ride at Super Nintendo World has been temporarily suspended after a stack of Goombas broke off their placement and nearly fell on visitors.


The Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan has proven to be one of the most interesting things to come out in the last year, bringing a ray of light and hope that we might someday be able to go hang out with Mushroom Kingdom characters in a park full of fun activities. It’s been open since March 2021 and has seen some temporary halts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but at least one ride is going to go on hiatus while they fix it up after a stack of decorative Goombas fell off their display and almost landed on visitors in a near accident.

The incident was shared on Twitter on August 9, 2021, with a video of staff carrying off the fallen Goombas, as reported by Video Games Chronicle. Reportedly, the stack of Goombas broke loose from the nearby scenery and fell several feet down onto a space inaccessible by guests, but rather close to an on-tracks Yoshi ride. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident, but the nearby Yoshi ride has been temporarily suspended as the staff fix up the scenery and ensure the safety of the set.

Super Nintendo World officially opened back in March 2020 of this year at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. It features several rides, activities, a special themed restaurant, and even an AR/VR Mario Kart experience for visitors to take part in. Super Nintendo World has seen some temporary closures earlier this year, but that was due to spikes in COVID-19 forcing state-of-emergency regulation that required the park to shut down for a short time. This was one of the first notable accidents has been reported, though thankfully no harm was done to staff or guests.

We’re still pretty sure that Super Nintendo World is a place we’d like to go when everything is safer with the pandemic again, but it just goes to show that in-game or out of game, Goombas might just try to mess you up if you don’t watch your back around them. Hopefully, Universal Studios Japan gets them locked down properly for the safety of guests and everyone gets back to regular fun at the park.

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