Rocket League Tournaments expand to 2v2 and Extra Modes in Season 4

There will be more ways to take part in Rocket League Tournaments starting with next week's Season 4.


It's been a while since Rocket League revamped its Tournaments mode. With enough time having passed, developer Psyonix is ready to take the mode to its next stage. With the upcoming Season 4, new Competitive Tournaments will be made available on a daily basis, including ones for 2v2 and Extra Modes.

If you've taken part in one of Rocket League's 3v3 tournaments, you'll have an idea of how the new additions will work. Players can join 2v2 and Extra Mode tournaments the same way, either going in alone or with friends. The number of daily tournaments will increased in order to acclimate the new additions, so look for an extra 8 to 13 tournaments each week.

For fans of Extra Modes, players will need to pay close attention to see if their favorite variant makes the daily tournament cut. Psyonix notes that the featured Extra Mode can change each day, so be on the lookout for modes like Hoops and Dropshot if you want to jump in. On top of that, Extra Mode Tournaments are here for fun, so don't worry about your performance affecting your Tournament Rank. Those who take part in Extra Mode Tournaments will still receive Tournament Credits and Winner Titles.

Rocket League Season 4

The update for Rocket League's new Tournaments will come with the start of Season 4, which is set to kick off on Wednesday, August 11. On that day, the new Tournaments will be available, along with a full visual overhaul of the user interface. If you want to enjoy Tournaments in their current form, there's just one week left, so be sure to jump in. For more on the changes to Tournaments, check out the Rocket League website.

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