Apex Legends Ranked Arena: Tiers and system guide

Apex Legends' Arena Mode now has a ranked queue, here's how it works.


After the successful launch of Arena mode, Respawn Entertainment has added Ranked Arenas to Apex Legends. The Ranked Arena mode gives players tiers to work through along with a new type of point system. Though the mode launched in Season 9, the ranked version was introduced during Season 10. Because it’s still new, there are no doubt plenty of questions surrounding how Ranked Arena works.

Apex Legends Ranked Arena tiers

apex legends ranked arena
There are six main tiers in Ranked Arena, with the sixth being Apex Predator, which is restricted to the top 500 players in the world.

Here are all of the tiers in Apex Legends Ranked Arenas. Instead of RP, players will earn AP (Arena Points), which will help them climb the competitive ladder.

  • Bronze - 1 AP
  • Silver - 1600 AP
  • Gold - 3200 AP
  • Platinum - 4800 AP
  • Diamond - 6400 AP
  • Master - 8000 AP

Just like in Battle Royale mode, Apex Legends Arena mode has several different tiers that players can achieve in order to show off their skill. Although Ranked Arenas features all of the same tiers present in Ranked Battle Royale mode, the similarities between the two pretty much stop there. Instead of beginning at Bronze tier, Ranked Arenas require players to play 10 placement matches. Afterwards, they’ll be sorted into an existing rank based on their performance. Wins, kills, and assists factor into a player’s rank placement.

How to get Arena Points

apex legends how to get arena points
Players will earn Arena Points based on wins. Betting a better team will award you with more points.

Arena Points are gained through winning matches, with more AP rewarded for defeating higher-ranked teams. When the season comes to a close, players will receive rewards based on the highest rank they achieved over the course of the season. If you peaked at Platinum but finished the season in Gold, you will be granted Platinum-level rewards.

Keep in mind that in Ranked Arena players do not have to pay an entry fee when starting games. Instead, players stand to lose AP if they perform poorly and lose matches. 

Moving through the Ranked Arena tiers in Apex Legends is going to take a bit of work. Provided you have an understanding of how the Ranked Arena mode works and how to get more Arena Points, you should hopefully find yourself rising through the ranks. Stick with Shacknews for everything Apex Legends.

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