How to block a goal - Pokemon Unite

Start defending your zones by blocking goals like a master in Pokemon Unite.


The intro cinematic for Pokemon Unite shows Pikachu blocking a goal from Cinderace. Now, ignoring the fact that Cinderace is clearly cheating as you can’t score from that far away, players might be interested to learn that you can block goals in Pokemon Unite. Blocking goals is a key component of defending your goal zone, so learning how to do it is extremely important to winning.

How to block a goal

To block a goal in Pokemon Unite, deal damage to the Pokemon that is trying to score. Any damage you deal a Pokemon will interrupt the goal scoring progress bar. Keep in mind, the more points they carry, the longer it will take them to score. On the flip side, smaller numbers mean a shorter progress bar – giving you less time to block the goal.

pokemon unite block goals
Dealing damage to enemies as they try to score will block a goal attempt, preventing them from scoring.

Blocking a goal is easier to do when there is only one player trying to score, as a basic attack will get the job done. However, it will become more difficult the more players there are as you will need to individually attack them all and it’s easy to let one slip through.

The best way to block goals when there are multiple enemies is to either have back up from your allies, attack using area-of-effect moves, or move around so that only one opponent is in your basic attack circle. The last one of these will be the most difficult when you’re defending a goal by yourself, but easier if there are more players. Though, if there are more players, then simply dog-piling the enemy will get the job done.

As you play Ranked matches and move up the Pokemon Unite Ranked ladder, you’ll obviously need a bit more finesse and will need to really defend your goals. So start practicing in Standard matches.

What to do if your goals are being blocked

So you’ve made it to your opponent’s goal zone and they keep blocking your goals. What do you do? It’s a situation you’ll find yourself facing basically every match. Unfortunately, if they continue to attack you, blocking the goal, there’s not much you can do.

pokemon unite score points when getting blocked
The less energy you have to dunk, the faster it will be to score. If you are getting blocked, get the enemy away from the zone or go to a differnet one.

One option is to wait for an ally to join you and hope that your opponents’ attacks focus on your ally. This method is how you’ll likely get a few goals scored when you’re rushing a zone. The best option, though, is to focus on removing the opponent. You can try and defeat them or deal enough damage that they run off to heal.

Finally, the best way to score a goal if you’re constantly having your goals blocked is to go to another zone. If you’ve got 50 Aeos energy on your Pokemon and you’re getting blocked on bottom lane, try rotating to top and scoring there. The best bet is to avoid losing those points.

Blocking goals in Pokemon Unite is as easy as dealing damage to a Pokemon as this will reset the score progress bar. Whenever you see an opponent making moves towards your goal zone, get ready to deal damage and block their scoring attempt. Head over to the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for more tips.

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