ShackStream: Indie-licious harnesses the power of the burly in Beard Blade

On today's Indie-licious, a good beard can be the difference between life and death. Join us as we play Beard Blade.


You might think you have a good beard. You might very well objectively have a good beard, but has your beard ever fought for you? Have you ever used your beard to defeat evil or drift from a high fall safely to the ground? Well, then maybe you need some facial hair grooming tips from the world of Beard Blade. Good thing we’re playing it today on Indie-licious.

Beard Blade comes to us from the folks at Glovebox Games. It’s currently available over on PC via Steam as of July 20, 2021. In this colorful platforming world, you play the role of the hero Branson. You don’t have a sword or shield to speak of. Branson doesn’t need one. He’s got a shapeshifting beard that can stab at foes, drop on them like a house of bricks, or sway to slow his descent from high falls to name a few. Quite some handy burliness when he’s exploring an island of monsters.

Join us as we play Beard Blade on today’s episode of Indie-licious at 1:10 p.m. PT / 3:10 p.m. ET on the Shacknews Twitch Channel. You can also watch just below.

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How much beard is enough beard to slay a monster? We’ll find out on today’s Indie-licious in Beard Blade, so tune in as we go live shortly.

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