Shacknews Stimulus Games 2021 - Mixed Switch Super Challenge 4

We're back with another round of the Stimulus Games! And this week we've got a cavalcade of competitors ready to throw down in a gauntlet of Switch games!


After a brief hiatus so I could take a quick vacation the Stimulus Games are back and they’re better than ever! As you may be aware, we host these games just about every weekend to help creative types who have been struggling financially during the pandemic as well as members of our A/V squad who we haven’t been able to work with during this time. And for the fourth Mixed Switch Super Challenge today we’ve assembled quite the all-star roster of competitors to throw down in a gauntlet of three fantastic titles on the Nintendo Switch.

Joining us for today’s games are comedians Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor, Skaficianados Reade Wolcott of We Are the Union and Adam Davis of Omnigone/Gnarboots/Link-80, super-musician Matt Payne, and last but not least, Sexy Bill the Cameraman and Nevin from our A/V squad. They’ll all be doing their best to take one another on in Golf With Your Friends, Sonic Team Racing, and PAC-MAN 99 in today’s games.

You can catch all the action today over on the Shacknews official Twitch page starting at 1:00p.m. PDT/4:00p.m. EDT. Or, if you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of our website, you can simply watch the whole shebang in the embed below.

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