New Blood Interactive's Dave Oshry speaks on making retro shooters for a new audience

The mind behind recent shooter hits like Dusk offers his thoughts on adapting a classic genre for a modern video game audience.


If you have an affinity for vintage first-person shooters and have not spent any time with the game from New Blood Interactive, you are missing out. At the breakneck pace the company has been releasing quality games, there may not be much room left for latecomers on the bandwagon once the casuals get in on the fun. As of right now, the games the company has released have felt a bit like a special secret that a select few have been able to enjoy, but that time will soon pass once word gets around. Though New Blood has only been around for a few years, its track record is beyond impressive with releases like Dusk and Amid Evil.

New Blood’s top guy Dave Oshry knows a thing or two about what it takes to produce a compelling shooter that takes cues from the first-person classic of yore. We got a chance to sit down with Dave recently and got to poke around his mind for a bit and learn some of the secrets that make games like Dusk so special.

Oshry explains that simply building a shooter where you run fast and have quick-twitch access to forty guns is not enough to grab a modern audience. He goes on to say that finding a balance between the mechanics that made classic games great and new additions that supplant the poorly-aged ones is the key to success. Anyone who got to work through New Blood’s Amid Evil this summer knows that the right balance can make all the difference.

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