EVGA to replace RTX 3090 GPUs that failed in New World Closed Beta

Customers affected by the GPU failure can have replacements cross-shipped by EVGA.


Earlier this week, we reported that some players in the New World Closed Beta were reporting hardware failures during play. These failures were mostly isolated to NVIDIA RTX GPUs, with the large majority consisting of RTX 3090 models produced by EVGA. Today, EVGA stated that it will be offering free replacement GPUs to affected customers.

When word of the GPU failures began to spread online, some suggested that the New World game client was to blame due to the way it allowed menus and loading screens to run at uncapped frame rates. Amazon Games Studios issued a statement on Wednesday that assured players the game was safe. Though there was no direct evidence that uncapped portions of the game caused the issue, Amazon Game Studios issued an update that addressed the uncapped frame rates as a precautionary measure.

As far as what was causing these expensive GPUs to fail prematurely, there are no obvious answers. Igor’s Lab suggested that the fan controller chip on these GPUs was failing and burning out. Other theories implied that some of these graphics cards experienced multiple failures in their design that are supposed to prevent damage from power surges or spikes.

How these GPUs ended up on the coroner’s desk is still undetermined, but EVGA is attempting to make things right by their customers. The California-based board partner confirmed via JayzTwoCents that they would be cross shipping replacement graphics cards to those affected.

This resolution does not help those who claim to have experienced hardware failure while using GPUs that were not EVGA-produced RTX 3090s, but it is a start. We will keep monitoring this situation and provide additional news as it becomes available.

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