Is Pokemon Unite releasing on PC?

MOBA players are used to the latest entry in the genre coming to PC and now they want to know if Pokemon Unite is coming to PC too.


Pokemon Unite is the latest entry in the Pokemon franchise, and this time it’s a MOBA. For those that are experienced at League of Legends or DOTA 2, it’s only natural to wonder if Pokemon Unite is releasing on PC. The game is out now on Switch, and it’s coming later to mobile, so it’s a question worth asking.

Is Pokemon Unite releasing on PC?

Unfortunately, Pokemon Unite is not releasing on PC. At least, right now there is zero indication that there are any plans in the works for it to come to any other platform than those already announced.

is pokemon unite on pc
Pokemon Unite is not on PC. It is currently only on Nintendo Switch.

As of writing, Pokemon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch and is coming to mobile devices (Android and iOS) later on this year. Players are able to download Pokemon Unite right now and jump into the fun. The game is played using a controller on the Switch, with things like the basic attack automating to the closest enemy, as opposed to relying on players clicking a specific target.

Because MOBAs typically require a lot of precision and fast button presses, it certainly makes sense to wonder if Nintendo’s hit franchise will be making it to PC. And, as great as it would be to have Pokemon Unite on PC, there currently appears to be no plans to bring it to your desktop or laptop gaming machine – at least nothing official.

In the event Pokemon Unite gets announced as releasing on PC, you can bet your best Pokemon that we’ll let you know. For now, you’ll just need to download it on Switch or wait for the mobile version. In the meantime, you can check out the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for more helpful tips to get you on your way.

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