Where was Skate 4 at EA Play Live 2021?

Skate 4 was nowhere to be seen at EA Play Live 2021 and the developers have a good reason.


EA Play Live 2021 has come and gone and some fans are wondering where Skate 4 was at the show. Now, for those that have been keeping their finger on the pulse, the answer may be already known. However, if you’re just walking in to see what’s new, it will no doubt have been weird to see EA not show off anything new from the highly-anticipated title.

Where was Skate 4 at EA Play Live 2021?

Prior to EA Play Live 2021, Electronic Arts made it clear that Skate would not be a part of the event. In an announcement on the official SkateEA Twitter page, the developers at Full Circle revealed they would not be at the EA Play Live show on Thursday, as it is still extremely early in development. The post goes on to say, “We are committed to doing this thing right which means it’s gonna take some time.” That is as good of a reason as any. Players certainly get tired of seeing games that are still years out from release.

However, all hope is not lost. While Skate 4 wasn’t shown at EA Play Live 2021, the team at Full Circle released a video to celebrate the studio’s one-year anniversary. In this video, viewers can see some motion capture work as well as some reaction videos. All of this is to say that while it wasn’t at the livestream event, progress is being made on your favorite skateboard franchise.

So while Full Circle doesn’t have anything to show us just yet, rest assured that development of Skate 4 is still underway. Perhaps next year at E3 2022 or even at another EA Play Live, we’ll get to finally see what Full Circle has been up to and see how the next Skate game is shaping up. Remember, you can always stop by the Shacknews Skate 4 page for our ongoing coverage of the game.

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