EA wants to remind you that the new Skate game is still in development

The publishing giant offered up a reminder trailer on the official Skate Twitter account today.


The collective yearning for a new game in the Skate franchise could be felt every time EA hosted any sort of press event or made a presentation at large industry events such as E3 and Gamescom. In the years following the release of Skate 3, the game’s large fan base had been persistently howling at EA for a decade. The company finally threw the crowd a bone last summer when it confirmed that a new Skate game was in the works. Today on the official Twitter account for the series, EA posted a new teaser trailer marking the one-year anniversary of last summer’s announcement.

The teaser shows off some motion capture work and a smattering of video reactions from people who have presumably seen the new game in action. What the teaser doesn’t offer is a look at the game for the rest of us.

It was never reasonable to expect much from the project so soon after it was announced, especially with EA announcing Full Circle as the development studio as recently as January. Still, it seems that EA is adamant about keeping the hype candle burning for a new Skate game after pretending the series didn’t exist for a decade prior.

EA has already confirmed that the new Skate game will not be making an appearance at this week's EA Play presentation. Hopefully, it doesn't take another year before the Skate-loving public gets another taste.

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