Daedalic top-down cyberpunk shooter Glitchpunk goes early access in August 2021

Developer Dark Lord and Daedalic Entertainment are bringing their cyberpunk shooter and driver Glitchpunk into early access on Steam.


It’s been a long time since we had the type of top-down run-n’-gun action games that once produced several iconic titles such as Smash TV, Retro City Rampage, and the original Grand Theft Auto. We don’t see these games as much anymore, but Daedalic Entertainment and Dark Lord are keeping the genre alive and well. The duo are working on a cyberpunk flavored top-down known as Glitchpunk and it’s going to be entering early access on PC via Steam in August.

Publisher Daedalic and developer Dark Lord announced the early access launch date for Glitchpunk with a new trailer for the game on the Daedalic Entertainment YouTube channel on July 13, 2021. As is usual of the cyberpunk genre, it’s a rough world out there in the big city, but as an android bounty hunter, you have the grit and tech to survive it and make your scores. Coming to early access on Steam on August 11, 2021, Glitchpunk will have you brawl, shoot, and drive your way through a city full of gangs and factions trying to make their own ends meet, sometimes to your benefit and sometimes to your attempted demise.

Daedalic actually teased Glitchpunk earlier this year in its planned lineup. The game has seen demos in events like the Steam Game Festival, but the upcoming early access will be quite a stretch beyond what we’ve seen so far. Dark Lord and Daedalic will be launching the game with a few cities to explore, each featuring a different atmosphere and missions that will keep you busy as you explore these seedy cyberpunk underbellies. There are many that will be out for your blood when you get the wheels of your bounty hunting work greased. Fortunately, there’s a solid arsenal of weapons and cars to make sure you’re prepped, come whatever may.

With Glitchpunk launching in early access on Steam on August 11, stay tuned to Shacknews for further updates and coverage on the game as it become available.

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