Burning Crusade Classic's launch aided WoW's 56% increase in June Twitch viewership

World of Warcraft was actually one of the only Top 10 categories on Twitch to grow viewership throughout June 2021.


With the coming and going of June 2021, another month of Twitch viewership has passed. With the month in the books, StreamElements has compiled its latest State of the Stream report alongside its analytics partner, Rainmaker.gg. June’s State of the Stream was interesting, to say the least. With World of Warcraft Classic getting into the Burning Crusade era of the game, it jumped in popularity on Twitch, bringing its most fervent and popular streamers with it.

StreamElements released its June 2021 State of the Stream report on July 9, 2021, with data compiled by Rainmaker.gg. There was plenty of interesting data throughout June, not the least of which were the numbers being put up by variety streamers Indiefoxx and Amouranth before their bans for allegedly abusing the use of the ASMR category. However, quite notable (and not banworthy) was the rise of World of Warcraft into the Top 10 Twitch categories for June with a 56 percent increase in viewership across the month. This is largely due to the launch of World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, which was released on June 1, 2021.

World of Warcraft was one of the only Top 10 categories on Twitch to see growth in June 2021, the other being DOTA 2.
World of Warcraft was one of the only Top 10 categories on Twitch to see growth in June 2021, the other being DOTA 2.

Some interesting factoids about the World of Warcraft jump in Twitch viewership across June include its streamers and its growth among the other categories on the list. One of the most popular WoW streamers, Asmongold, saw a 53 percent increase in viewership across June to achieve 7.6 million hours watched.

Meanwhile, World of Warcraft was one of only two categories in the Twitch Top 10 to see an increase in viewership across June. All others saw declines that were either slight (Minecraft at 6 percent) or hefty (GTA5 at 33 percent). DOTA 2 was the only other category that also saw growth, and that’s likely because Valve and the DOTA community are getting ready for a worldwide championship tournament, DOTA 2: The International 10.

Either way, it bodes well for World of Warcraft Classic, which is continuing to garner the love and support of its longtime fanbase. Stay tuned for more Twitch analytics, or check out our own Shacknews interview with the World of Warcraft developers about putting Burning Crusade Classic together and what comes next.

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