Samurai Gunn 2 adds procedurally-generated Spelunky stage

We knew there would be some Spelunky 2 presence in Samurai Gunn 2, but the dev team appears to be going the extra mile with a full-blown Spelunky stage.


Samurai Gunn 2 is eager to battle with swords and guns. But, what if somebody brings a whip to this fight? The game's latest fighter is known for her weapon of choice. It's Spelunky 2's Ana. However, as exciting as her appearance is, the more exciting reveal from Tuesday may be a new Spelunky-themed stage that's procedurally-generated.

The latest reveals came through the Samurai Gunn 2 Twitch channel. The stream featured a first look at Ana going one-on-one with Minit (another cameo character) along the familiar underground Spelunky temple. These latest additions look to be faithful to the source material, as Ana's movement and mechanics are entirely based on what she can do in Spelunky 2. Her weaponry will set her apart, as rather than use swords and guns, she'll only have her whip and bombs to aid her in battle.

The talk of this stream, however, will be the new Spelunky stage. The stage will match the familiar architecture, geometry, and dangers of a typical Spelunky run. Yes, this includes traps, like dart traps that can kill in a single blow. To add some Samurai Gunn flavor to the battle, traps can be reloaded by firing a bullet at a trap that has already gone off. There won't be much point to trying to memorize the Spelunky stage, as the layout will change for every fight.

Ana and Minit were first teased back in April and will be ready for Samurai Gunn 2's eventual arrival on Steam Early Access. There's no word on when that will be, but the developers are still optimistic that it will hit Valve's service later this summer.

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