Doom Eternal's next-gen upgrade is here to make you choose between 120 FPS & ray-tracing

Available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, the Doom Eternal next-gen upgrade will make your ripping and tearing smoother and prettier.


Doom Eternal is a looker. That much is certain. Id Software and Bethesda built themselves a show pony to say the least that continues to make ripping and tearing until it is done a gloriously gratuitous experience. And, in fact, it’s about to get even better. Doom Eternal finally got its next-gen upgrade and it will allow players on consoles to push the game towards new 120 fps “performance-focused” modes or ray-tracing modes that should bring the absolute most out of its visuals.

Bethesda and id Software officially launched the next-gen upgrades for Doom Eternal as part of its official Update 6, along with a fresh trailer to go with it on the Bethesda Softworks YouTube channel. The upgrades for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox are slightly different across the board, but all of them feature a Performance Mode, Balance Mode, and Ray-Tracing Mode, as explained on the Doom Eternal next-gen FAQ page. For instance, Xbox runs its Performance Mode at 1800p 120 FPS while PS5 runs it at 1584p 120 FPS. However, both run Balanced Mode and Ray-Tracing Mode at 2160p 60 FPS and 1800p 60 FPS respectively.

Doom Eternal isn’t what we here at Shacknews would call the absolute best the new era of Doom has to offer, but it’s still pretty dang good if you check our review. Then there’s been the DLC that has come after in the form of The Ancient Gods, both of which have proven to be pretty solid additions to the base game. Overall, Doom Eternal has proven well worth at least a few good romps since its arrival.

With this next-gen upgrade having come to Doom Eternal, it may be worth yet another romp if you happen to have the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, or a good PC, and want to see the game at new peaks of its visual best. Doom Eternal Update 6 is out now on all available platforms.

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