Rumor: GTA 6 won't release until 2025

The rumor mill is churning again as new leaks seem to indicate Grand Theft Auto VI is still a few years out.


Fans have been waiting a long time for any news on GTA 6. The eagerly anticipated next entry in the critically-acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series is no doubt in development in some capacity, and thanks to some new leaks, players now have a date to look towards: 2025.

The rumor comes courtesy of Tom Henderson, a known quantity in the sphere of internet leaks and rumors. Recently, Henderson gained insider knowledge about Battlefield 2042, specifically about the dynamic weather and day/night cycles, so he has been correct in the past about such things. However, as with all rumors relating to hugely popular titles and franchises, take everything with an equally huge serving of salt.

Henderson took to his YouTube channel in a new video (embedded above) that outlines the things he has heard regarding GTA 6. In it, he claims that the game will be a modern title, which goes against previous rumors of the game being set in the ‘80s. The reason for this is that a modern setting gives the developers more freedom when it comes to releasing content for the revenue-generating GTA Online.

Reports of the map size and dynamic elements have also reached Henderson. He claims that some leaks have overstated the size of the map and that it may actually be more dynamic in its structure, going on to state it could alter as DLC is released.

There are also rumors relating to multiple playable characters including a female lead, the aforementioned release year of 2025, and that Rockstar is now quite focused on employee wellbeing.

Whether these rumors pan out to be true remains to be seen. In the event GTA 6 is releasing in 2025, we’ve still got at least four more years of rumors and leaks to get through, so buckle up. Be sure to keep your eyes trained on Shacknews as we bring you any other information regarding Grand Theft Auto VI.

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