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Square Enix leaks Neo: The World Ends With You demo

It appears that players will get a crack at Neo: The World Ends With You ahead of its late July release.


Updated: June 23, 2021 at 8:05 p.m. PT: The PlayStation store has Tweeted out confirmation that the demo for Neo: The World Ends With You will arrive on the PS4 on June 25. Players can then transfer their progress to the full game which is launching on July 27.

With just over a month between now and the release of the eagerly-anticipated RPG sequel Neo: The World Ends With You, Square Enix’s official Twitter account may have gotten overly excited. Earlier this afternoon the account posted a Tweet with an embedded video trailer that advertised a playable demo was now available. The Tweet has since been pulled down, leading to speculation that the demo release will be coming very soon.

Though the Tweet from Square Enix has been pulled, some eagle-eyed fans managed to snag the trailer and repost it. You can see for yourself in the embed below.

The game is a direct sequel to Tetsuya Nomura’s The World Ends With You. Originally released back in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, Nomura’s action RPG launched to strong critical acclaim and success at retail. Some of the original characters returned for a cameo appearance in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, but even with their appearance there, there was still no indication that Square Enix would return to this world until the sequel's announcement back in November of 2020.

We first learned back in April that Neo: The World Ends With You would be releasing on July 27 for both the Nintendo Switch and PS4. Square Enix has confirmed that it will also be coming to PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store later this year. A Japanese account for the game has indicated that a formal announcement for the demo could be coming later this evening.

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