Blaston's 'Crackdown' update adds single-player campaign to the VR dueling game

VR gun dueling game Blaston has typically been a mostly multiplayer affair, but Resolution Games is expanding the story going on underneath.


Resolution Games’ Blaston has been a stylish take on one-on-one sci-fi gun dueling that offers players a fun and fast-paced PVP shooter experience. However, up until now, it’s been mostly confined to that multiplayer PVP experience. A new update is about to change up the game a bit. With the Crackdown update, Blaston will be getting a new single-player campaign, a new way to interact with other players, and further features.

Blaston’s Crackdown update was revealed and launched on June 21, 2021, alongside a fresh new trailer for the game on Resolution Games’ YouTube channel. The primary feature of the Crackdown update is the new single-player campaign, which expands the backstory behind the Blaston dueling universe. Players will battle their way through both the Warehouse arena and the Scrapper’s Market arena as new NeoTexx contender, dodging and engaging Octopresence ModOps forces cracking down on underground Blaston duels. It provides more backstory and narrative to a game that has, up until now, mostly left the story in the periphery of its fast-paced matches.

Resolution Games senior creative director Tom Hall sees the new single-player campaign as a unique way to both flesh out Blaston and build players up to taking on its PVP format.

“Our players have been keen to learn more about the world of Blaston, and in crafting a new single player campaign, not only are we able to tell a compelling story, but we’re also able to help new players get more comfortable with the game’s super-cool, kinetic combat before going 1-on-1 against real competitors,” Hall said in the press release.

Moreover, there are other unique components of the Crackdown update that should expand and improve the game for longtime players and duelists. The Scrapper’s Market arena is available in PVP play for one, but players can also check out the new social hub in the Ozo Lounge. It’s a new in-game hangout that allows players to meet up, challenge each other to duels, enjoy use of a new jukebox in Disco 99, and even enjoy an improved version of Blaston’s in-game arcade, Super Alien Blast.

Having launched in October 2020, Blaston has been a fun and exciting part of the overall Resolution Games library. With the Crackdown update launching on Oculus and SteamVR platforms today, it looks like the duel is expanding with a little something for everyone.

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