Game Builder Garage players are already building their own F-Zero games

Players of Game Garage Builder and enthusiasts of F-Zero are already showing Nintendo that if it won't make another game, they'll do it themselves.


F-Zero… It’s easily up there as a beloved by its fans, yet entirely neglected. Captain Falcon hasn’t gotten behind the wheel of the Blue Falcon with the rest of the eclectic cast since 2004 in F-Zero Climax, exclusively released in Japan. Well, F-Zero fans have kept the dream alive and with Game Builder Garage giving players a new way to build games and experiences on Nintendo platforms, they’ve already begun crafting the new F-Zero game that Nintendo keeps refusing to give them.

Game Builder Garage launched on June 11, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch in both physical versions and on the Nintendo eShop. It provides Nintendo’s building blocks and instructions on how to craft an interactive experience of your own with the tools it provides. The experience has been described as charming and accessible by many and has looked delightful ever since Nintendo introduced it as a surprise back in May 2020. It didn’t take long before F-Zero fans on building the game they wanted, as shared by Nintendo Life and user ZeldaBoi on Twitter.

The efforts by ZeldaBoi and creators like them show both a glimpse at what Game Builder Garage can do and an opportunity to build games similar to the franchises Nintendo has left out of the spotlight for quite a long time. For instance, this particular creator’s efforts also brought about rudimentary Earthbound and Excitebike demos. With the option to either build the types of games Game Builder Garage will guide you to or craft experiences of your very own with the tools and knowledge it offers, it’s very interesting to see the projects that players are sharing even in the early running.

Of course, Nintendo told us Game Builder Garage was meant to show us how to build games “the Nintendo way”. We just wonder if they meant for us to build Nintendo games the Nintendo way, particularly the ones like F-Zero that Nintendo seemingly won’t make. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo has a response to this or what other kind of projects we get to see as players continue to explore what Game Builder Garage can do.

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