Game Builder Garage shows how to make games the Nintendo way

Nintendo is giving players a chance to make their own games. No lawyers will need to be involved.


In the past, Nintendo has offered an idea of how to create individual platformer levels with the Super Mario Maker series. But what happens when Nintendo goes deeper and allows users a way to make their own games? The result is a new effort called Game Builder Garage.

Game Builder Garage is being touted as a new piece of software that teaches users of all skill levels how to create games. Users will work with robot-like creatures called Nodon, which assist in different ways. There are many different types of Nodon that serve various functions. Nodon can be tied to control stick and button functions, which ultimately lead to a final product.

Beginners can learn how to construct games through the game's Lesson Mode, which will lead to the Free Programming mode. The Free Programming mode opens the door to implement the various skills learned throughout the game in order to create something entirely new. Even if you're not into building your own thing, Game Builder Garage will allow for players to download games from other users, opening up a slew of new gaming possibilities. Players can also submit their own creations at any time and probably won't even get a cease and desist about it, either!

Interestingly, Game Builder Garage will be one of the first Switch games to utilize a mouse. Simply plug it into any of the Switch dock's USB ports to get started. The game will also support Joy-Con controllers or Pro Controllers and can be used in Handheld Mode.

Game Builder Garage looks like an intriguing piece of work, something like a beginner-friendly version of PlayStation's Dreams. It'll be interesting to see what players put together or if Nintendo decides to offer additional tools after launch. We'll be keeping an eye on Game Builder Garage here at Shacknews. It's set to release on Nintendo Switch on June 11 for $29.99 USD. Check out the Nintendo eShop listing for more information.

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