Kokopa's Atlas invites us to an unknown world as a space cat & his robot bird pal

Hitcents and HyperMegaPixel's Kokopa's Atlas will allow you to explore, garden, discover friends, and more befitting of a galactic hero cat.


The Wholesome Direct livestream showcase at E3 2021 had a gigantic cornucopia of cuteness and warm fuzzy vibes. The whole dang thing was as advertised by its very title, and among those many titles was an exploration and adventure game by the name of Kokopa’s Atlas. Featuring the procedurally generated journey of would-be galactic hero cat Kokopa and his birdy bot sidekick Pollimero, developer HyperMegaPixel and publisher Hitcents are taking this one to Kickstarter for a crowdfund campaign that should be kicking off soon.

Kokopa’s Atlas got a spotlight reveal during the Wholesome Direct 2021 showcase livestream on June 12, 2021. In this game, players will take on the roll of space cat Kokopa as he crashlands his ship on an unknown planet. Without the means to fix his ship up immediately, Kokopa and his little robot bird pal Pollimero will go exploring a procedurally generated landscape where they can gather, build, farm, and discover friendly NPCs on the planet. Have a look at the game in action just below.

Even with Kokopa and Pollimero on their own, this game has some incredibly adorable leading characters. That said, the world in which it looks like we’ll get to explore also looks lush, beautiful, and exciting, even if the landscape and its discoveries might possibly be a bit randomized. The encounters Kokopa will have along the way are a befitting challenge for a hopeful, if not slightly clumsy hero. And he'll be aided every step of the way by the robotic abilities of Pollimero, who can scan the environment for everything from helpful resources to danger. Cosmic pirates, creatures in the wild, dynamic NPCs and other pitfalls and encounters of an unknown world should make Kokopa’s Atlas an interesting new adventure every time you venture out from your growing farm and settlement.

There’s no launch window for Kokopa’s Atlas just yet, but with a Kickstarter page already created and its start right around the corner, you’ll be able to sign up for updates on that page to keep an eye on when the campaign launches, as well as updates related to the game. You can also wishlist it on Steam. Be sure to check out the rest of our Wholesome Direct 2021 coverage and further E3 2021 news throughout the weekend.

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