Inscryption mixes deckbuilding roguelike & psychological horror at Devolver MaxPass+

Can you use your cards to advance the game on the table while also solving escape room puzzles to get away from murderous terrors?


Devolver Digital went hard to the paint as always with its non-E3 2021, but also E3 2021 video game showcasing. There were plenty of ridiculous jokes, but there were also plenty of legit games to go with it all. One of them was Inscryption from Daniel Mullen Games. This game takes a lot of recent trends and blends them together into one rather unsettling deckbuilding roguelike escape room experience. Can you make it out alive?

Inscryption was shown during the Devolver MaxPass+ showcase on June 12, 2021. At its core it’s a deckbuilding roguelike card game in which you must complete a living game on the table. However, you’ll quickly find that something far more is sinister at work. Various psychological horrors make their presences known and become more and more threatening as the trailer goes on. In addition to the table card game, you’ll find escape room mechanics around the room and it looks like you’re going to need to figure them out if you want to get out safely. Moreover, the game teases that there lies some mysterious secrets in the cards. Check out the trailer for yourself below.

Inscryption seems like it has a lot of mystery in store for us. What’s the secret of the table game? How do the cards tie into the other forces at work? What the heck are these faces and their crazy eyes and hands lurking in the dark corners of the room? There’s plenty of mysteries that remain to be solved.

With the game given a 2021 launch window, it feels like it won’t be long before we have a crack at those mysteries. Stay tuned for further info on Inscryption as it becomes available, check out the Steam page, and check out the rest of our E3 2021 coverage all weekend.

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