Devolver Digital sells one 'NFT' VHS of its Devolver MaxPass+, it sells immediately

The unique take on an NFT sold out even before Devolver Digital got to the announcement during the stream.


NFTs are all the rage these days and Devolver Digital, the lovers of satire, has released their own “NFT” in the form of a VHS. This video tape is a recording of the Devolver MaxPass+ and was sold out before it was even announced during the stream.

devolver digital nft vhs livestream

Announced during the June 12 Devolver Digital livestream, Devolver MaxPass+, the “NFT” VHS of said livestream sold out before it was officially revealed. While NFT usually stands for non-fungible token, Devolver did what Devolver does best and opted to call the VHS a “non-fuckwithable tape”, or NFT for short.

This tape of the livestream is the only one in existence and was set at a price of $1,000 USD. Now, it appeared as if the NFT VHS sold out before the stream even got to the point of announcing it. However, there still remains plenty of other goodies on the site for fans to purchase.

The good news about all this NFT business is that firstly, it’s delightfully satirical in nature, and secondly, all proceeds are being donated to the Scratch Foundation. This foundation offers free coding lessons to kids around the world who want to learn how to program to make games, animations and just generally tell their stories. Devolver Digital notes, “We support this amazing resource for kids, and hope to one day exploit their hard work, talent, and creativity for our own profit.”

Out of the madness and chaos that is E3 2021, we can always trust Devolver Digital to be the maddest and chaos-est of them all. Saunter on over to the Devolver MaxPass+ page for a rundown of all the hottest game announcements. Then, keep your eyes trained on the Shacknews E3 2021 page for write-ups of everything we see over the course of the week. And here’s the E3 2021 Schedule for good measure.

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