Hoa gets an August release date on the Wholesome Direct 2021 livestream

A lush platforming adventure from Skrollcat Studio, Hoa will be coming to PC this coming August.


As might be expected of a Wholesome Direct, we got a ton of rather lush and happy-looking games as part of E3 2021 today. Part of that included Hoa from Skrollcat Studio, a platformer featuring beautiful music, hand-painted backgrounds, and the diminutive little Hoa as she journeys through the world and explores its magic and creatures. What’s more, we’ll be able to play the game this coming August 2021 on Steam.

Skrollcat Studio revealed the release date and latest trailer on Hoa during the Wholesome Direct 2021 livestream on June 12, 2021. Hoa officially received a release date of August 21, 2021 on Steam for PC during its spotlight today. The game has quite a Studio Ghibli quality and calmness about its interactions and animation. You’ll aid various creatures throughout the world and even hear their stories as you interact and aid them. There will also be plenty of environmental puzzle-solving, such as the spider web puzzle in the latest trailer. You can see that new trailer in action below.

Hoa looks pretty adorable to say the least. It looks like each encounter will be fun and interesting with plenty of narrative to go along with it. It was among good company during the Wholesome Direct 2021 livestream, but with such a fun and bright art style throughout the gameplay shown, it certainly was a standout as well.

With an August 2021 date confirmed for the game, interested players won’t be waiting long to jump into Hoa this summer. Stay tuned for more information and follow the rest of our E3 2021 coverage through the weekend.

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