Bramble: The Mountain King new trailer shares whimsical adventure & stabby Nordic folklore

Dimfrost Studio shared the latest look at its Nordic folklore adventure game, Bramble: The Mountain King.


When it comes to old world folklore and mythology, things can get as creepy as they are magical. Such is easily the case with Dimfrost Studio’s upcoming Bramble: The Mountain King. If you didn’t feel both enamored and unsettled by what Bramble had in store for us before, Dimfrost made sure to drive the point home like a blade through the heart – several times – in the new cinematic trailer for Bramble: The Mountain King.

Dimfrost Studio gave us the latest look at Bramble: The Mountain King with its newest trailer that appeared during the IGN Expo 2021 livestream showcase. This is a game in which players will take on the role of a child making their way through a supernatural world of Nordic folklore. Mythical creatures await around every corner. That said, not every fairytale is a joyous or happy one and there is some tremendous contrast even in the few minutes of this trailer. There are horrors and deadly situations abound and it quickly becomes clear that our protagonist is going to have to do some rather upsetting things to protect themselves. You can see the new and graphic trailer in action below.

Nasty right? And there’s the matter of the terrifying creature in the water at the end of the trailer. Bramble: The Mountain King isn’t going to be all bad. There is love and friendship to be found on the journey ahead of the boy. You’re just also going to have to deal with some absolutely deadly supernatural denizens along the way. Even so, it also looks like Bramble’s world is one of rather gorgeous environments both natural and fantastic.

With a launch window set for 2022, it looks like we’ll be waiting a bit to see where this journey goes. That said, stay tuned for the latest on Bramble: The Mountain King right here at Shacknews, as well as following the rest of our E3 2021 coverage throughout the weekend.

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