New Tunic trailer and exclusive Xbox demo unveiled at Summer Game Fest 2021

The adorable action-RPG Tunic will be playable with new content in an exclusive demo for Xbox consoles as detailed in a new trailer at Summer Game Fest 2021.


One indie game that has been on the radar of Indie-licious here at Shacknews is Tunic with its charming art style and Zelda-inspired gameplay. A new trailer and details for an exclusive Xbox demo for the game were unveiled at Summer Game Fest 2021. Microsoft snatched this title up for its ID@XBOX program a few years ago and developer Andrew Shouldice is ready to show off some new content.

First announced at E3 in 2017, indie-game darling Tunic impressed with its charming art style and clear cut inspiration. Single developer Andrew Shouldice has been working on Tunic for over six years now, and after showcasing some gameplay at trade events over the past few years, he has put together a demo with never-before-seen content including an entirely new dungeon and boss encounter.

Any fan of classic action adventure games can easily see the references that Tunic bravely wears on its sleeves (if Tunics had sleeves). Featuring an all-too familiar isometric viewpoint and Zelda-esque exploration and combat, Tunic takes the simple formula that gamers have grown up with and introduces a small fox in a large world. With nothing but exploration ahead of you, Tunic is all about finding the way forward and discovering the tools you need to survive.

With an incredible look and comfortable themes, it's no surprise Microsoft snapped up Tunic as an Xbox console exclusive to launch aside the PC version on Windows and Steam for MacOS. Players waiting to get their hands on Tunic won't have to wait long, the new demo will be available for free from June 15-21 exclusively on current Xbox platforms. Stay tuned for any future announcements for Tunic on our topic page for the game. If you missed any of the Summer Games Fest 2021 news, our wrap-up has the full rundown.

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