iPadOS 15 introduces improved Multitasking organization tool for the iPad

With new features coming, iPadOS 15's Multitasking will allow you to mess with multiple apps in even more versatile ways.


The Multitasking feature of the iPad has long allowed users to be able work on multiple applications on the same screen for quite some time. It’s not quite the level of versatility we’ve seen in PC, but it has generally allowed users to work in multiple apps at the same time without having to jump between tabs as much. With the introduction of iPadOS 15 during WWDC 21, Multitasking is seeing some updates that should make it even more versatile and easy to handle in regular iPad use.

The iPadOS 15 update and the details on Multitasking were revealed during Apple’s WWDC 21 livestream event on June 7, 2021. While Multitasking isn’t new to the iPad in the slightest, this new update to its use in iPadOS 15 should allow you to move things around more easily and access and swap out the apps you need to reach with even greater ease than ever before. The video showed users were able to drag and drop apps from their tabs relatively easily into various Multitasking views.

With iPadOS 15's improved Multitasking features, it should be easier than ever to access and use multiple apps at once.

With iPadOS 15, Multitasking should be better than ever before. It comes alongside improvements to Widgets and Folders that should aid in user organization when it comes to finding, classifying, and accessing your apps easier than ever before. With all of these tools in play, it should be easier to open and use multiple apps easier than ever before on the iPad.

With Multitasking coming in alongside a wealth of new features in iPadOS 15 later this year, stay tuned for the latest on details coming to the updated operating system.

Did you miss anything from Apple’s WWDC 21 presentation today? Be sure to check out all of the coverage from the event, as well the release date of the iPadOS 15 as it becomes available.

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