Griftlands launches out of Steam Early Access today

The roguelike card-battler from the makers of Don't Starve has finished its stint in Steam Early Access and the full version is available today.


Last year, developer Klei got our attention here at Shacknews with its roguelike deck-building game called Griftlands. The makers of Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja jumped into Steam Early Access to try its hand at exploring a world filled with ne'er-do-wells, where moment-to-moment decisions are every bit as important as what's in your deck. After spending a significant amount of time in the early access space, Klei has wrapped things up and officially went 1.0.

The good news comes from the Griftlands Steam page (thanks to Chatty's TrOn for the heads-up!), which made the launch announcement on Tuesday morning. The 1.0 update wraps up the Smith campaign while also fixing some minor bugs. In Klei fashion, the studio uploaded a new animated short, showing off Smith's character and personality, while also illustrating the kind of world that awaits players in Griftlands.

For the uninitiated, Griftlands was first revealed at E3 2017 and takes players through a dangerous planet filled with dastardly ruffians. Players will be able to select between profit-seeking Sal, grizzled spy Rook, and the aforementioned Smith. Combat comes through card battles, as each adversary has their own distincts cards and abilities. Moment-to-moment decisions will matter heavily, especially ones where players must decide to kill or spare their opponents. If combat looks ill-advised, the option to try and negotiate your way out of a sticky situation is available.

Griftlands exiting Steam Early Access means the release of the game's Nintendo Switch version is likely imminent. Shacknews will follow this and other Griftlands stories as they develop.

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