Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition deals its hand next summer

Developer Klei is bringing its deck-building roguelike Griftlands to Nintendo Switch this coming summer.


Developer Klei has been building worlds filled with memorable characters for almost a decade with games like Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja. Their latest effort, Griftlands, has the potential to be one of their best games to date if their early access build is any indication. But why should PC players have all the fun? Nintendo Switch owners want a piece of that pie, too, and they'll get it with the newly-announced Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition.

Announced during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct Mini, Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition brings everything featured in Klei's latest effort to Nintendo's handheld console. For the uninitiated, Griftlands crosses a deck-building digital card game with a roguelike. Players are taken to the sci-fi world of Havaria where they must navigate their way through various situations and make spur-of-the-moment decisions. You'll make friends, but you'll also make a lot more enemies, including some of those friends who inevitably turn on you. How other characters treat you will vary depending on your various dialogue choices. Players will more often than not get dragged into battle, but do have the option to spare any defeated enemies in order to stop the conflict from escalating any further. Just be aware that there are potential consequences for leaving the wrong person alive.

While Griftlands is a story-heavy experience filled with dialogue, there's also a heavy focus on card battling. Players will build their decks from starter cards, as well as cards they pick up from NPCs and from fallen enemies. On top of that, players will use cards in both battle, as well as negotiations with other characters.

Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition won't be ready until Summer 2021. However, if you want a taste of the game a little earlier than that, it's out on Steam Early Access right now. There's even a free demo available if you want to get a sense of what the game is about before making any commitments.

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