Black Skylands brings base-building & battle to Steam early access in June

TinyBuild and Hungry Couch Games are set to bring aerial battle and base management sim to Steam's early access program in the middle of June.


If you’ve ever wanted to take gameplay styles of base management and top-down combat to the skies, developer Hungry Couch Games and publisher tinyBuild have been working on something interesting for you. Black Skylands is a game in which you’ll take on the responsibility of an airship, its technology, and the crew that inhabit it. The game has been in development for sometime, but it will be coming to Steam’s early access program soon enough this coming June.

TinyBuild and Hungry Couch Games announced the Steam early access release date for Black Skylands in a press release on May 26, 2021. Releasing into early access on June 11, 2021, Black Skylands will invite players to take control of the Fathership, a customizable sky fortress, as they explore the world in search of the means to defeat the cold-blooded bandits and pirates that killed their father. The mystery of a strange entity known as The Swarm also waits to be unraveled. The game features combat on ground and in the air, sprawling lands to explore, territories to save and protect, and vast means to upgrade your airship and make it more formidable for the journeys that lie ahead of it.

This big step has been a long time coming for Black Skylands. The game has been in development for quite some time and even offers a version called Black Skylands: Origins, which gives players a free look at the mechanics, resource-management, and tidbits of story that lead into the full experience in Black Skylands. With early access of Black Skylands coming right around the corner, it’s a good way to see what’s in store and if you’ll like the main game.

With Black Skylands entering early access in mid-June, stay tuned for more information, as well as further tinyBuild games, right here at Shacknews.

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