Empire of Sin: Make It Count expansion coming later this year

Empire of Sin's first paid expansion has been announced for later this year and will dive farther into the financial side of mob life.


Paradox Interactive has been issuing steady updates for Romero Games' Prohibition era strategy game, Empire of Sin. However, the game is going to go bigger later this year with its first major expansion. During Friday's PDXCON Remixed event, publisher Paradox Interactive announced Make It Count, a paid expansion that will introduce several new features and some new twists to the gangster business later this year.

There have been several different ways to approach Empire of Sin to this point. The Make It Count expansion will introduce a brand new approach: Loan sharking. The face of the loan sharking business will be Meyer Lansky, who history buffs will recognize as a major 20th century organized crime figure, one who worked on the financial side of the Italian-Jewish Mob. He was also the man behind the Mafia's enforcement division known as "Murder Inc." The Mob's Accountant, as he was known, remained active well after Prohibition ended, diving into loan sharking, gambling projects, and other corners of the Mob's financial racket. In Empire of Sin, Lansky will act as a mob boss who excels in both economics and in creating synergy in combat. He'll solve conflicts more diplomatically, using his negotiating tactics to make peace between money pipelines and the mob's various connections.

Lansky will be flanked by "The Fixers," a group of five gangsters who combine loan sharking rackets with the combat abilities needed to enforce said loan sharking rackets. Hiring the Fixers will unlock new Blackmail abilities across other characters and factions.

A string of new missions will tell the story of Lansky and the Fixers. In fact, those who pick up Make It Count will find a series of all-new missions, new abilities, new gangsters, and new racket options. More information on what else is coming to Make It Count is expected to be revealed in the months ahead on the Empire of Sin website.

Empire of Sin's Make It Count expansion is expected to complement the upcoming Precinct Update, which is also expected to release later in 2021. The latter will introduce streamlined Precincts, as well as new win conditions, some of which will line up naturally with the new loan sharks.

Empire of Sin: Make It Count will release later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There's no price for it just yet. Those who just want the Precinct Update will be able to grab that later this year for no extra charge.

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