Empire of Sin's Precinct Update adds mod support later this year

Your life of crime isn't over yet, see? Empire of Sin is getting a pair of updates, see? One of them will include mod support, see?


Those who have jumped into the world of Empire of Sin may be pleased to learn that their life of crime is only just beginning. Paradox Interactive and Romero Games still have grand plans for their Prohibition-era strategy game. On Tuesday, Paradox detailed some new content with the Gangster Update, deploying later today. More interestingly, they've detailed the upcoming Precinct Update, which will add mod support for the first time.

Empire of Sin's Gangster Update will focus on some major quality of life improvements. These include updates to the weapon proficiency system, improvements to the game's controller scheme, and unspecified improvements to many of the game's missions. Romero Games is heralding the Gangster Update as the fifth major update since Empire of Sin's launch, all of which have addresssed and fixed various aspects of the game's systems, AI, and more.

The Precinct Update will be a much beefier piece of work. This will introduce all-new gameplay features. This includes the titular Precincts, which adds a new management layer across neighborhoods, making it easier for players to streamline their empires. To control a Precinct, make sure to control the central building, which is called the Depot. Once you're in full control, be careful, because top Precincts will draw more suspicion from law enforcement.

Victory doesn't always have to come at the end of a Tommy Gun. The Precinct Update will introduce new win conditions, including the Chi-Town Mogul and the more diplomatic Buyout. If you're savvy enough, the mere threat of horrible violence could be enough to win you the day.

Most interestingly, Empire of Sin will get mod support with the upcoming Precinct update. Cheekily referred to as "Modsters," Empire of Sin users can soon implement their own mod ideas either through Paradox Mods or through the Steam Workshop. Look for additional mod support to come in the weeks and months following the Precinct Update. More details on Modsters are expected at a later date.

Interested players can learn more about what's coming to Paradox and Romero Games' gangster strategy game by jumping on the Empire of Sin website. You can also learn more about the game itself through our review. We'll be on the lookout for whatever's next from Empire of Sin, so keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates.

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