Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart accessibility features revealed

Insomniac Games wants as many folks to be able to play Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as it can and went over a number of accessibility options that should help.


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is set to launch on PlayStation 5 this June. It won’t be long before we’re diving into one of the most visually polished-looking games we’ve seen so far on next-gen. That said, as much as making one of the most stunning and fun games we’ve seen so far is a definite priority for Insomniac, so is making sure that as many people as possible can enjoy that game no matter what limitations they have or what kind of comfort they’re looking for in the gameplay. To that end, Insomniac took Global Accessibility Awareness Day today to give players a look at an extensive line-up of options Rift Apart will have to adjust to your comfort and capability during play.

Insomniac Games released a lengthy thread of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart accessibility options via the Insomniac Twitter on May 20, 2021, considered to be Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The list offers an incredibly extensive look at the options you’ll be able to play with to ensure Rift Apart is to your comfort and liking, regardless of most limitations.

The list of accessibility features and options shared in the thread can be seen below, although Insomniac Games added that this isn’t necessarily a complete list of accessibility features that will be found in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Shooting & Movement

  • Fire Mode – Change the Fire Mode from Default, Hold or Toggle.Fire
  • Aim Mode – Sets the Aim action as either toggled on/off or a button hold.Direct hit
  • Auto Aim – Turns the camera towards the nearest enemy when firing.
  • Aim Assist - Automatically adjusts the camera speed and reticle to help keep the target in the center of the screen.
  • Lock On - Automatically targets and locks onto an enemy when aiming.
  • Off-Screen Ledge Guard - Prevents inadvertently falling off of on-screen ledges.
  • Hoverboot Auto-Pump - Automatically pumps to max speed when using the Hoverboots.
  • Flight Assist - Automatically levels out during flight sequences.

Graphics & Visuals

  • Contrast - Adjust the contrast intensity of the image. The 0 setting is the lowest and 10 setting is the highest.
  • Contrast Options – Enable various shader and high contrast options to help visibility. Use presets or customize each setting. Some of the options include High Contrast Background, Hero Shaders, & Hazard Shaders. For a more comprehensive list please see our Knowledge Base.
  • Motion Blur - Adjust the blurring effect created by camera motion and fast-moving objects. Lower settings have less blur, while higher settings have more apparent blur.
  • Screen Shake - Turns camera shake ON or OFF during gameplay.


  • Waypoint Display – Display Waypoints on screen with a button press or always on.
  • Icon and Prompt Size - Set the size of in-world waypoints, icons, and prompts.
  • Center Dot - Enable a persistent center dot on the center of the screen. This is replaced by weapon reticles and is hidden during cinematics.
  • Emphasis Text Color - Set the color for emphasized text.
  • Aim Arc Color - Sets the color of the arc indicator for throwables and weapons.
  • Target Arc Color - Sets the color of the arc indicator for throwables/weapons when highlighting a target.

Control Customization

  • Controller Remapping - Fully Customize your control scheme or choose between presets.
  • Simplified Traversal - Moves all traversal actions to a single button input. This includes Rift Tether, Swingshot, Phantom Dash, and Hoverboots.
  • Shortcuts - Choose an action to map the corresponding shortcut slot. Shortcut options include Photo Mode, Toggle Contrast Options, Game Speed. For a more comprehensive list and descriptions please see our Knowledge Base.
  • Invert up/down - Inverts Up and Down camera controls.
  • Invert left/right - Inverts Left and Right camera controls.
  • Invert Flight up/down - Inverts Up and Down flight camera controls.
  • Invert Flight left/right - Inverts Left and Right flight camera controls.
  • Flight Stick - Choose whether to use the Left or Right Stick for flight controls.


  • Camera Sensitivity - Adjust the camera control sensitivity. Lower settings move the camera more slowly, while higher settings move the camera more quickly.\
  • Vibration Settings – Experiential, Functional or Off vibration settings for various level of vibration.
  • Vibration Intensity - Adjust the overall intensity of controller vibrations.
  • Adaptive Triggers - Experiential, Functional or Off Adaptive Trigger settings for various level of vibration & resistance.
  • Controller Speaker- Allow certain sounds to play through the controller speaker.
  • Controller Speaker Volume - Adjust the volume of the audio that plays through the controller speaker.

That covers the overall accessibility functions revealed by Insomniac Games for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart so far. Be sure to check out our Everything We Know page for further Rift Apart details and get ready to go on a new, dimension-shifting adventure when the game launches on June 11 on PS5.

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