All Rocket League Ranks and Divisions explained

Make some sense of the various competitive ranks in Rocket League with our handy guide.


There aren’t many games that offer the simple, rewarding fun of Psyonix’s Rocket League. Its ingenious design allows for gameplay that is easy to pick up for absolute beginners, while still offering a skill ceiling that rewards the dedication and commitment of the most dedicated players. 

Rocket Leaguers who are ready to jump from casual play into something more serious should be up-to-date on the various competitive Ranks and Divisions in the game. These Ranks and Divisions help players to track their competitive progress and also work as a guideline for where an individual stands against the global player base. 

All Rocket League Ranks and Divisions

All competitive Ranks in Rocket League have their own distinct icon.
All competitive Ranks in Rocket League have their own distinct icon.

There are twenty-three possible Ranks in competitive Rocket League, with each Rank subdivided into four Divisions. New players will be classified as Unranked when first starting out. After several placement matches in Competitive Matchmaking, the journey up the Rocket League ladder begins.

The first Rank for new players after Unranked placement matches is Bronze I. Like all other Ranks, Bronze I is divided into four Divisions: I, II, III, IV. For example, if you are currently Bronze I - Division III, you are two Divisions away from entering Bronze II - Division 1. The more you play and win Ranked matches, the faster you can rise through the individual Ranks. A user’s MMR (or Matchmaking Rank) will be displayed in the Playlist menu once the Grand Champion I Rank has been achieved.

The Rocket League competitive Ranks are as follows (from lowest to highest):

  • Unranked
  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III
  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III
  • Platinum I
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum III
  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III
  • Champion I
  • Champion II
  • Champion III
  • Grand Champion I
  • Grand Champion II
  • Grand Champion III
  • Supersonic Legend

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