Mario Golf: Super Rush Overview Trailer showcases full roster & more gameplay

A recent trailer gave us a far bigger look at Mario Golf: Super Rush's online matches, Speed Golf, character roster, and more.


Mario Golf: Super Rush promises to be one of the more interesting and fun Nintendo titles to come out this year. Featuring a return to the company’s beloved sports spinoffs, players will once again join the Super Mario roster in either a traditional or eclectic game of golf in both solo and competitive settings with friends. A new trailer gave us a fresh and lengthy look at the game in which we got to see Mario Golf: Super Rush’s full roster and an explanation of many of its features.

Nintendo dropped the Mario Golf: Super Rush Overview Trailer on the Nintendo YouTube channel on May 17, 2021. The new trailer went into hefty and expanded detail about what players can expect to see in the game. For one, we got to see a character select menu that seems to feature most of the game’s complete roster. All of the mainstays like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Bowser are there, but there’s also quite a few unexpected guests like Pauline, King Bob-omb, Charging Chuck (from Super Mario World), and more.

Each character on the roster seems to have both a special shot which can have unique and exciting game changing effects, but also a special dash that they can do when running to their ball in a game mode like Speed Golf. Speaking of Speed Golf, we got to learn far more about the mode as well as online matches in the trailer.

Speed Golf is an active game in which up to four players will race to sink their ball in both the least amount of shots and the shortest amount of time possible. This is where special, character-specific dashes come into play. Bowser Jr. can fly through the course on a Bullet Bill while King Bob-omb can be carried by a cavalcade of his smaller Bob-omb subjects. There’s also special shots that will blast other players at its place of impact or knock other golf balls out of the way as the shot blasts through. All of this should make for a fun and chaotic competition as you strive to find the green the fastest.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature all of your favorite Super Mario characters, plus some fun surprises.
Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature all of your favorite Super Mario characters, plus some fun surprises, each with their own stats, special shots, and special dashes.

The trailer above also features modes like Battle Golf and the solo campaign-style Golf Adventure, so be sure to check out the full video. Ever since we first learned of Mario Golf: Super Rush, it has looked like a fantastic blend of both original Mario Golf style and chaotic competition, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Stay tuned as we await further info on the game leading up to its June 25 release on the Nintendo Switch.

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