Watch the full Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker trailer from the FF14 Digital Fan Festival

The Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Festival began with a full six-minute trailer for the upcoming Endwalker expansion.


The Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Festival has begun, kicking off with a keynote address from Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida. This keynote promised new information on what's next for FF14, including some new information on the upcoming Endwalker expansion. The show wasted no time, showing off the full trailer for Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker.

This is an extended version of the teaser trailer that was revealed for Endwalker back during the Final Fantasy 14 Announcement Showcase. It features a look at much more of the story, as well as some of Endwalker's new locales and jobs.

Yoshida makes sure to point out the presence of Estinien Wyrmblood. This is one of the first times that the Elezen dragoon has been seen without his helmet. We'll stay away from major spoilers, but look for him to also join players in some of the Endwalker dungeons as part of the Trust system to help move the story along. Look for Vrtra, the First Brood dragon that was carrying Estinien, to make some more appearances during the Endwalker story, as well.

Yoshida also made sure to point out there are some other big story hints featured within the trailer's song and its lyrics. He doesn't spell out what the Endwalker theme lyrics are specifically pointing to, but notes that he looks forward to fan speculation leading up to Endwalker's release later this year.

Other story hints allude to events that have not happened as of yet. Look for more details on these plot points to come with the upcoming second part of the recent 5.5 patch.

There is much, much more from tonight's Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Festival. We are going to do our best to keep up the big reveals here at Shacknews, so stay tuned for more updates.

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