Animal Crossing & Yoshi Build-A-Bear plushies now available on Nintendo's online shop

If you want to get yourself a Tom Nook or Isabelle plush from Animal Crossing: New Horizons or a Yoshi plush, the Nintendo Store has them ready to ship.


Build-A-Bear Workshop and Nintendo franchises are no stranger to collaboration at this point. We’ve seen some very fun things come out of the two companies in recent history. In fact, earlier this year, Build-A-Bear mentioned they would be getting together with Nintendo to make further products from a couple more IPs. These collabs have now come to fruition and you can find Yoshi and Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear plushies at either the Nintendo Store in New York or on the Nintendo online shop.

Nintendo formally announced the availability of its latest collaboration with Build-A-Bear on the Nintendo of America Twitter on May 7, 2021. According to the announcements, Tom Nook and Isabelle in their Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer attire are both available in the New York Nintendo Store. They’re also available in the Nintendo Online Store alongside an online exclusive in the form of Yoshi. Tom Nook and Isabelle will run you $44 while the Yoshi Build-A-Bear plush is priced at $29.

This latest collaboration with Build-A-Bear comes on top of a tease that was put out back in March 2021. Announced as a “collection,” it’s unknown if the Isabelle and Nook plushies will be the last we see out of that particular line-up of plushies. As popular as Animal Crossing: New Horizons is (we’ve often extolled it as the perfect pandemic game), it seems like it would be lucrative for Nintendo and Build-A-Bear to continue the fun with further plushies like maybe the bug-collecting Flick, the classy feline Raymond, or everyone’s favorite museum tending owl Blathers (winner of Shacknews Awards Best NPC of 2020 no less).

Everyone will likely have their own favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters they’d want to see out of this Nintendo and Build-A-Bear collaboration, but at the very least, you can add Isabelle, Tom Nook, and Yoshi to your shelf today if you want.

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