EA acquires Super Mega Baseball developer Metalhead Software

Super Mega Baseball is now 'in the game,' as developer Metalhead Software gets picked up by Electronic Arts.


EA Sports has been "in the game" for many years. It's been in football. It's been in futbol. It's been in hockey, basketball (er... sometimes), and mixed martial arts. However, the few stints it had in baseball have never been very successful and hasn't tackled the summer game in a long time. That's about to change, as Electronic Arts has acquired Metalhead Software, the team behind Super Mega Baseball, to finally take EA Sports into America's pastime.

"We’re all players of Super Mega Baseball, and we’ve long admired the work of the Metalhead team," EA Sports EVP and GM Cam Weber said via press release. "It's a unique and beloved franchise among sports gamers - the balance and depth of gameplay, and the unique style of the content, makes it super fun to play with friends. We look forward to supporting and investing in the team so they can continue to build out more amazing games that delight sports fans around the world."

Over the past two decades, MLB's most lucrative partnership has been with Sony, which puts out PlayStation-exclusive (at least until this year) franchise MLB The Show. While The Show has been the most successful and the most critically acclaimed of the baseball video game franchises, it does have competitors. One of those competitors has been Metalhead's Super Mega Baseball. Prior to this year's MLB The Show, it was one of the only ways to play baseball on an Xbox or PC, the other being the MLB-partnered RBI Baseball franchise. On top of that, it's also been pretty good, offering an enjoyable experience that feels distinct from its Sony San Diego competitor. Even without official MLB rosters, it's proven to be a fun romp.

The EA acquisition likely means that Metalhead could soon be working with actual MLB players. Wednesday's press release did not indicate that a deal with MLB was in the works, but did note that more specific plans for the Super Mega Baseball franchise will be outlined in the future.

We'll be on the lookout for what we can only assume will be called "EA Sports Presents Super Mega Baseball 4" in the weeks ahead. We'll follow this story at Shacknews and offer any updates as they come in.

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