Castlevania Season 4 trailer teases an all-out war to end the series

A great many forces are set to collide as the resurrection of a deadly foe looms in the latest trailer for the final season of Netflix's Castlevania.


Netflix’s main Castlevania series is about to come to an end when Season 4 launches, but it looks like it’s going to go out with the utmost bang. The previous season had many of the characters arranging their forces with some vying to take over the lands or destroy them entirely. Meanwhile, Trevor and Sypha are on the trail of a discovery which points towards the resurrection of a terrible evil. It’s all being teased in the latest official trailer for Castlevania Season 4.

Netflix launched the official trailer for Castlevania Season 4 on its YouTube channel on April 29, 2021. In previous seasons, we’ve seen the vampiric Carmilla sisters preparing for a conquest to overcome the countryside and bring it under their full control. Meanwhile, creature Forgemaster Isaac has crafted a massive army of monsters to serve as his own legions. His goal? The death of all living things in a world that has wronged him. Alucard too has left his castle in the face of impending evil in the land. All forces seem to be set to collide in a deadly battle.

This is looking like the payoff to a lot of fantastic previous storylines that have been built up throughout the Netflix Castlevania series' previous three seasons, and it should. It was fairly recently that Netflix revealed that Castlevania Season 4 would be the closing chapter of this main series. After that, it seems that a spinoff series of some sort is in the works.

One of the first of the many games that have now gotten a Netflix series adaptation, Castlevania is looking to finish strong. And with the threat of an iconic antagonist looming, we can’t wait to see how it plays out before Netflix moves onto the next series. Castlevania Season 4 is set to launch on Netflix on May 13, 2021.

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